Fishing Team Alpha Competition

Fishing Team Alpha Competition

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Dear Visitor,


Welcome to the official FTAC blog! This multi language blog is your starting point to learn more about our team, members, vision and much more…

Because match fishing is our passion, we hope to please you with our blog on which we will provide up to date information about match fishing in Belgium and beyond.  Furhtermore, when you explore our site, you’ll discover links to many websites of our friends!


Our History


Fishing Team Alpha Competition was founded born January 1 st 2010 and is as such still a reasonably new team. From the very beginning, match fishing in all its aspects has been the goal. Due to a turbulent first year, il took a while before the team actually settled and started working together in a structured way.   



Our Vision


FTAC groups match anglers of all regions of Belgium (e.i., Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia) that have a sense for perfectionism in what they do, with a drive for victory, individually but certainly
with the team, all in an open atmosphere of respect. 


Our Name


The introduction of a good brand name is never easy, however the name “Alpha Competition” describes fairly well the vision of the team. First the name is universal and easy readable in a number of European languages. Second, the main purpose of the team is to compete with a drive for victory, it’s no coincidence that alpha is the 1st letter of the Greek alphabet. And last but not least, with some imagination, you even can see the image of a fish in the letter Alpha.


Have  Fun !


FTAC President 

Geert Jacobs



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